Do I Need to Register my Small Business to get the IEC Code

Do I Need to Register my Small Business to get the IEC Code?

Anybody importing from India or exporting from India, the Importer Export Code (IEC) is compulsory. IEC Code is a special 10-digit code provided by DGFT-Director General of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce, and Government of India. No person without IEC Code Number would be allowed to import or export anything. Often importers merchant can't purchase any products without the IEC Code and export merchant can't take advantage of the export scheme incentives from the DGFT department etc if they don’t have IEC Code.

An Individual person can also obtain Import Export Code and it is not necessary for him to register the legal entity. You don't require an organization specific for Import Export Code. You can get it under your own name, which would be a legal proprietorship. At the moment you are expanding in a partnership firm or company you need to seek another Import Export Code.

Import Code (IEC Code) plays a very important role for the Indian importers and exporters. So, you must always apply for the IEC Code after your firm registration or company registration.

Procedure for acquiring of Importer Export Code (IEC)

Next, a company's Authorized Person, in person, has to go to the office to fill out the application form, or it may be submitted by Post / Courier. Once the application has been submitted, an acknowledgment will be provided in the form of a receipt of File Number. This file number can be used when performing any query regarding the submitted application. The submission is then sent to the IEC portion where it is reviewed. IEC is created when a request is found to be full according to the specified requirements. If not, a deficiency letter stating the reason for the deficiency will be generated, and sent to the applicant. In cases where a letter of deficiency is issued and the IEC is allocated after due compliance by the applicant, replies are awaited. Import Export Code gives benefits in International exposures, Government Benefits etc.

Documents Required for acquiring Import Export Code (IEC)

Steps for registering IE Code online

  1. Login to the Website.

  2. Enter the number of PAN Card in the column.

  3. If you do not already have your pan card registered with an IE code, select theoption Fresh E-IEC to appear on the screen. In this enter mobile number & email ID, then enter captcha then click on generate token button.

  4. You have received the token number on mobile and email, now enter token number on the column and submit.

  5. Now, Ecom number is generated in reference to the IE code registration process, and also update the company details which is needed.

  6. Update the IEC Master that is you have to enter details same which is reflected on PAN card.

  7. If you have branch address mention it or if not then skip.

  8. Enter DIN Number.

  9. Application fee –fee payable to DGFT is 500 Rs. Only.

  10. Attach mandatory documents.

  11. Submit application.

  12. Then last step is to click on Application status to check for the approvals.

Frequently Asked Questions on IEC certificate

  1. What is the full form of the IEC Certificate?

  2. Import Export Code (IEC) Certificate.

  3. Is it necessary to have an IEC license?

  4. Yes, any business that deals with export goods, for this purpose they need to have an export license.

  5. Who issues the IEC license in India?

  6. The IEC license is issued by DGFT or the Directorate General of Foreign Trade.

Written by Gazal Gupta

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