What is GST registration?

GST is one of the country's most effective indirect tax reforms. GST will put state economies together and increase the country's overall economic development.

GST constitutes a comprehensive and indirect tax levy on products and services generated, sold and consumed at national level. It would substitute the Member States and Central with all indirect taxation on products and services.

The Goods and Services Tax (goods and services tax) is currently deemed to be the greatest change of India's indirect tax structure. GST requires a total exemption from the tax base. GST's biggest assumption is that all indirect taxes will be eliminated and only GST will be imposed. As the name implies, all products and facilities should be paid with the GST. GST is declared as a single tax regime that would boost the economy.

GST is a tax on many sectors, especially products and services for output, selling and consumption. The administration of the state and the federal government must substitute this levy with almost all indirect taxes. GST does not cover profits and other government taxes, such as sales tax, corporation tax and capital gains tax. The current taxing structure is hence unchanged.

Registering your GST with us will ensure that your application form does not get rejected and the process is easier. You just need to provide us with some details and your work would be done easily. There's a high affinity that with a government website your process would be complicated and can face rejection.

Who are the Persons required to register under GST?

  1. People enrolled under the Pre-GST law (i.e., Excise, VAT, Service Tax and so forth.)
  2. Organizations with turnover over the edge furthest reaches of Rs. 40 Lakhs* (Rs. 10 Lakhs for North-Eastern States, J&K, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand)
  3. Easygoing available individual/Non-Resident available individual
  4. Operators of a provider and Input administration merchant
  5. Those paying assessment under the converse charge instrument
  6. Individual who supplies by means of online business aggregator
  7. Each web based business aggregator
  8. Individual providing on the web data and database access or recovery administrations from a spot outside India to an individual in India, other than an enrolled available individual

Is there any Penalty for not registering under GST?

As indicated by the segment 122 of CGST Act, any available individual who neglects to enlist under GST regardless of whether he/she is legitimately bound according to the GST Act needs to take care of the accompanying measure of punishment:

10,000 INR or measure of assessment sidestepped whichever is higher.

Let us comprehend this with a model;

  1. In the event that Mr. A neglects to acquire GST enrollment and the absolute duty dodged by him adds up to 30,000 INR then for this situation 30,000 INR punishment will be pertinent.
  2. On the off chance that Mr. A neglects to acquire GST enlistment and the all out assessment sidestepped by him adds up to 8,000 INR then for this situation he needs to take care of 10,000 INR as a punishment.