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How Many Days Does It Take To Get An Export License In India?

Starting a business in India requires diverse requirements to be met. This will vary from obtaining government approval to organize funds to have the necessary licenses to operate. If you plan to start an import, export business in India, then you must first get the import-export license or license to import or export from the government of India. Registration plays an important part in ensuring this.

Once the license is approved you will be given an Import Export Code (IEC), which is a 10-digit code. The code is provided by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT).DGFT is a part of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. If you want to run a smooth import and export business in India then this license is needed.

Steps to Get Import Export License

The following steps will guide you through the full Import-Export code process:-

  1. One of the first items to remember is that you ought to pick the product you want to export. You will receive the IEC for the category of products you've applied for.

  2. The next thing that you need to consider is the name of the business. The name of the business will end with Exports.

  3. You must also register your company or partnership firm if you have not yet registered

  4. You should apply for IEC only, and you have to pay a fee of Rs. 250.

  5. You will then go to EDC Registration, i.e. sign the business with the nearest airport or seaport.

Online Application for IEC

Documents required for IEC Application

Several Benefits of IEC Registration

  1. There is no need for the renewal of the Import Export Code (IEC).

  2. No document or proof require for getting the IEC code.

  3. The companies dealing with import-export work could get several benefits through DGFT, Export Promotion Council, Customs, etc., on the basis of their IEC registration.

  4. IEC helps you to expand your business and take it to the global market.

  5. If you have an IEC code than there is no need of filing any returns with DGFT.

  6. It only takes 10 to 15 days to get the IEC code after submitting the application form.

FAQs on Import Export License

  1. How much time does it take to get the export license?

  2. It takes 3 days to one week for the license to be issued.

  3. Is it necessary to have an IEC license?

  4. Yes, for any business to seamlessly do export, they need to have the IEC license.

  5. Who issues the IEC license in India?

  6. The IEC license is issued by DGFT or the Directorate General of Foreign Trade.

  7. what is an export promotion council?

  8. Export promotion is an initiative taken by government of India to promote the export work and provide several benefits to the company which deals with export works.

If you have all the documents like address proof, copy of pan card, and you filled out the right application forms then it would take 3 working days to one week to grant the license.

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Written by Gazal Gupta

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