One Person Company Online Registration Process

One Person Company Registration Process

One Person Company (OPC) Registration is a private company where there is only one employee of limited liability who may function both as manager and director. Companies Act 1956 which allows one or two representatives to create a private limited company and a public company. One Person Company was incorporated under the Companies Act 2013 in India. Who would launch a company themselves by encouraging them to establish a single person's economic entity. OPC's idea is basically to eliminate the restriction of a sole proprietorship, the most common type for small businesses in India. The liability of the proprietor is restricted to the capital spent in this form.

Minimum Requirements for OPC Registration

Registration Process of One Person Company

If you face any problem regarding OPC registration then just fill our One Person Company Registration Form and we will do all your work on behalf of you.

Documents required for one person company registration

Nomination in case of One Person Company

The OPC report shall state the name of the other person who has given his or her consent to be named in the manner stated, and who becomes a director of the organization in the event that the individual becomes disabled due to death or job incapacity. These other person's written permission is often to be submitted along with the incorporation papers during the creation of OPC.

The declaration of the client shall state the name of the individual who in the event of the death of the subscriber becomes a director of the organization. The individual has the right to alter the name of the candidate at any point by notifying them in the manner specified. The new nominee would also grant his name his consent for it to remain, and any changes in the applicant will require alteration of the organization document. He must be an Indian who resides in India and not a minor.

A candidate can withdraw his nomination by giving his consent to the member and to the OPC. In that case, the applicant shall nominate another individual within 15 days of the notification of withdrawal after obtaining his written approval, and send the intimation of that selection to the association. The OPC is expected to submit a withdrawal notification and fresh assignments within 30 days of withdrawal.

OPC has nominal capital exceeding Rs. 10,00,000 of Rs. 2000 and Rs. 200 per 10,000 nominal equity for the first 10,00,000 of Rs. 50,00,000. OPC registration usually takes between 20-30 days and, after registration, you can get an OPC incorporation certificate.

Why Choose

One Person Company is one of the most popular types of corporate entities in India. The method is a little complicated so it's always better to hire a specialist or an agency to help you do that. You can contact our team, if you've any questions regarding opc registration and we will get back to you.

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