Renew Digital Signature Certificate Online

Renew Digital Signature Certificate Online

Looking for how to renew your digital signature certificate online? then you are at the right place. Today in this blog article we will tell you about each and every details regarding the dsc renewal.

Why Renew Digital Signature Certificate?

There are lots of benefits of renewing Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) of you business:

  1. As a digital signature certificate is fully encrypted so it is fully secure for your business because it cannot be easily altered.

  2. It saves lots of your time and reduces the costs of your business because certificates and signatures are available in digital format.

  3. You will gain the trust of your business if you have a digital signature certificate.

  4. For e-filling DSC certificate is required.

  5. With the help of digital signature certificate documents can be verified whether it is fake or genuine due to encryption of documents in the certificate.

Digital Signature Types

There are two types of Digital Signature Certificate:

  1. Singing DSC: Signing Digital Signature Certificate is only used in online documents for digital signature purposes. It includes the signature, for identity authentication purposes, of the legal entities. With the encrypted data, this signature is fully safe and secured for digital signing. PDF, government registrations, etc., are the most common use of this DSC.

  2. Encryption DSC: Encryption Digital Signature Certificate is used for encrypting documents and certificate holders' data. It contains all information such as the user's name, address and email, country, date of issuance of the certificate and name of the certifying authority, etc. In general, it is used in tender portals where the digital signature certificate provides data and documents to be encrypted.

Note: We provide the combo digital signature certificate which can be used for both the purpose.

DSC Classes

There are three class available in Digital Signature Certificate which can be applied according to the needs:

Class 1 DSC: For individual or private organisation.

Class 2 DSC: For director or signature authorities of the company. It is also used in filing returns to ROC.

Class 3 DSC: For online purposes such as bidding in e-auction, online business, online tenders, etc.

Note: We provide service for only class 2 and class 3 digital signature certificate.

Digital Signature Certificate Renewal Fee

Digital signature certificate fee will vary as per your selection of digital signature classes and types.

How to Renew Digital Signature Certificate Online?

Just follow the below mentioned process to renew your digital signature certificate online:

Step 1: Visit for renew digital signature certificate.

Step 2: Choose the preferences according to you and fill all the details in the DSC form.

Step 3: Pay online for your DSC application.

Step 4: One of our executives will proceed with your application.

Step 5: You will get your renewed digital signature certificate in your registered email address within a few working days.

Documents Required For Digital Signature Certificate

For Individuals:

  1. Latest passport size photo.

  2. Identity proof ( Aadhaar card, voter ID card, etc).

  3. Address proof (Aadhaar card, voter ID card, driving licence, electricity and water bills, etc).

For Indian Organisations:

Digital Signature Documents

If you face any problems regarding the renewal of Digital Signature Certificate then feel free to reach us at and we will back to you shortly.

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