Trademark Registration Online in India

Trademark Registration Online in India

Want to protect your brand name, Logo or tagline of your business?

In order to do that you need to do the trademark registration so that no one can copy your assets and use it on her name. If you have a trademark registered then you can take legal action against them and stop them by copying your legal assets.

Today in this blog article we will tell you about the process by which you can register your trademark registration online so that you can easily protect legal property from stealing.

What is a Trademark?

Trademark is nothing but a sign or symbol which differentiate your goods and services from other brands available in the market. It is regulated and licenced by the Controller General of Patent Designs and Trademarks, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India under the Trademark Act of 1999.

Property that can be protected:

  • Brand Name

  • Brand Logo

  • Brand color and its variation

  • Brand mark

  • Brand graphics

Note: Trademarks for Brand name and logo are the most commonly used trademarks that most of the businesses or startups file in India.

What is a Trademark Registration?

Building a brand requires a lot of hard work and money. In order to use the logo, slogan, shape and packaging of products, sound, colour variations or anything else that gives your brand a distinct identity, it is therefore necessary to ensure that you have complete ownership rights.

After you register for a trademark you can legally use the following symbol of trademark:

  • Trademark symbol (™) : It is the Unregistered symbol of trademark which is legally used when you apply for a trademark and its registration process is ongoing.

  • Registered trademark (®): Once your trademark registration process is over and you get the certificate of registration then you can legally use the symbol of the registered trademark.

  • Service Mark (℠): It is a trademark symbol for the service provider industries. This symbol is generally used to promote or advertise the product.

Validity of Trademark Registration

When the trademark has been registered, you can use the ® symbol for it and it comes with the validity of 10 years from the date of registration. Within 3 days, you can easily get a ™ symbol but, it takes up to 2 years to get a ®. Once the trademark registration expires then you need to renew your trademark for another 10 years.

Benefits of Trademark Registration

Trademark registration comes with the following benefits which you should know:

  1. Trademark distinguishes your brand among the others.

  2. No one copies your property once you have done the trademark registration.

  3. You will get legal rights to take action if somebody uses your trademark property.

  4. You can legally use the symbols of trademark registration.

  5. It will increase your brand reputation among your customers.

Trademark Registration Fee

  • For Trademark Registration: 5988

  • For Trademark Renewal: 12899

Process for Trademark Registration Online in India

Registering for trademark online is very simple and easy to follow:

Step 1: First visit our Trademark Registration page.

Step 2: Fill in all the details correctly on the Trademark Registration Form.

Step 3: Make the payment for your trademark Application.

Step 4: Your Trademark registration application will be processed.

Step 5:You will get your trademark registration certificate in your registered email address within a few working days.

Note: For trademark renewal just visit our Trademark Renewal page.

Documents Required for Trademark Registration

Check the below documents which you will needed for trademark registration:

  • Identity Proof (Aadhaar card / Voter Id card / Driving Licence / Etc).

  • Business Existence proof ( Agreement deed / Certificate of incorporation / Etc).

  • Brand logo and name (8 cm x 8 cm).

  • Signed power of attorney.

  • User Affidavit

Who are We?

We are ISO-certified private consultancy firms that offer services such as Company registration, ISO Certification, GST registration, FSSAI registration, Trademark Registration and MSME registration for various government registrations.

For all the above services, our portal is absolutely safe and secure, and we also provide our customers with the single-window registration system for hassle-free registration through our portal.

If you face any problem regarding the trademark registration then feel free to reach us at and we will reply to you shortly.

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